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Blieu's Playlist: "Wasted" by Asaiah Ziv ft. Burningforestboy


Blieu's Playlist: "Wasted" by Asaiah Ziv ft. Burningforestboy

Jacob Blieu

"I don't take shit easy anymore." 

Announced by Burningforestboy at the start of the track, he and Nevada native, Asaiah Ziv, quickly get down to business as they take turns bodying the Burningforestboy and Teddy Ntene production.

Ziv delivers an impressive verse, starting at the 1:50 mark, beginning soft and melodic before exploding over the beat. "Running out of time/ All the time that we spent/ And you still tryna catch up," Ziv holds nothing back as he struts all over the place, reminding you how much he works for his craft.