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Meet: slowthai


Meet: slowthai

Jacob Blieu


That is the only word that begins to accurately describe the UK spitter from Northampton and the music that he creates. Even his name, slowthai (no caps-no spaces), was once a diss at him for his naturally mumbled speech before he decided he would no longer let it have power over him. With an almost manic energy brought through his delivery and a sense of uneasy paranoia pushed from his mostly self-produced beats, slowthai has been able to separate himself from the pool of talent the UK possess.

Originally beginning only hoping to be the best in his neighborhood, he quickly discovered his inherent ability to create music completely his own. As far as I can find he posted his first track on Soundcloud just over two years ago with, Jiggle, which was given a video about a year later that quickly stacked up thousands of views.

Following his second breakout single, T n Biscuits, slowthai was introduced to a larger audience by being featured on The Basement's ongoing videos series, "Real People Doing Real Things," which has helped shine light on breakthrough stars in music, fashion and sports.

Since then slowthai has done anything but slow down, releasing the music video for his single Round & Round, directed by long-time collaborator The Rest. This was the first release from his debut EP, I WISH I KNEW, released under the banner of independent UK based label, Bone Soda, in November of 2017. Along with Round & Round the tape also included standouts: Dumb ft. Yung Nnelg and IDGAF.

All of this work has ensured slowthai's growth within the booming UK scene and through the crossover hit, Northern Lights, released via his VEVO channel, slowthai has the ability to translate that success into the American Market. With references to various horror movies and slowthai's distinct unrestrained energy, makes it for a very enjoyable watch and don't be surprised when you can't get it out of your head for the net few day.

As long as slowthai continues to drop high energy releases that stay true to his unique artistic style then I see nothing but potential stardom for this Northampton rapper.