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Throwback Thursday


Throwback Thursday

Jacob Blieu

Gangster Nation | Terrorist Threats (2003) | Westside Connection

Nate Dogg’s vocals at the beginning of the track come in, “na na na na na na na na na, ” and immediately my head is banging. Then Cube, WC, and Mack-10 all start going in bar for bar, demonstrating the very essence of what makes them such a fantastic group. The killer verses delivered and the melodic approach to the beat that Nate Dogg takes, all combined to make this a hip-hop hit.

Favorite Bar:

”I don’t conversate with pussy I ain't gon’ hit/ I don’t holla at these hoes that sing like Ashante/ Body like Beyonce, face like Andre. (uhhhhhh)”          - Ice Cube



ATLiens | ATLiens (1996) | Outkast

As the beat comes in, it feels truly out of this world. Over production that was way ahead of its time, Big Boy hits the first verse and let’s you know who he is with some clever wordplay, “And when I’m on the microphone you best wear your sweater/ Cause I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.” However both of their verses are very quotable, this song is truly heightened by the hook, as this eccentric duo lends it all of their energy.

Favorite Bar:

”Now, my oral illustration be like clitoral stimulation/ To the female gender, ain’t nothing better/ Let me know when it’s wet enough to enter”          - Andre 3000



What About | The Velvet Rope (1997) | Janet Jackson

As the waves roll in to begin this track, you are suddenly rocked by the production snapping into place. Before long, Janet Jackson opens the song with a little verse until the hook slides in. She runs through the questions she thinks but doesn't have the courage to say to her toxic partner. Over the course of the song she builds that courage and shares it with the audience.

Favorite Line,

"My heart was pounding but he time had come/ To stop letting my whispering heart control me"          - Janet Jackson