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Blieu's Playlist: "Authentic Self" by iLLaKriss


Blieu's Playlist: "Authentic Self" by iLLaKriss

Jacob Blieu

Initially posted over two years ago, Dallas based rapper-producer iLLaKriss' track "Authentic Self" has seen a resurgence in plays over the past couple months. His lyrical style and unique, high pitched vocal delivery is perfectly complimented by the self produced, airy yet punctuating beat that lays the base of the self actualization that is the driving force of this song.

"Why in the world do they try to compete/ Nobody can be me'r than me," is the sentiment delivered at the start of iLLaKriss' second verse. And it is a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates his entire body of work to date. Whether it be his performance of an original track on FOX's talent show, The Four, or just the overall attitude he conveys through every song, but iLLaKriss is primed and ready to show the world who he, and he alone, truly is.