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Eclectic Auido: A Review


Eclectic Auido: A Review

Jacob Blieu


“I feel like I’m tripping and I can’t find myself” These are the first words spoken by Maryland rapper, K.A.A.N (Knowledge Above All Nonsense) on his Eclectic Audio EP released via Soundcloud. These lyrics set the stage for the entirety of the project, as K.A.A.N explores the darker recesses of himself and lays it all out on the table. With soul caressing beats made by friend, producer, and engineer ORBT and his rapid fire, stream of consciousness flow, K.A.A.N takes you on a ride through the corridors of his mind as he searches for himself.

In the five tracks of this mixtape, K.A.A.N uses no features and instead intensifies his internal microscope to focus on the self doubts and problems he touches upon in his first project, Abstract Art. On tracks such as Phoenix, he describes how he began to “put a lot of time into the craft” and “made it resonate” demonstrating his determination to be recognized for his undeniable skill. On the very next track, Soulting, K.A.A.N goes on to tell how even though he deals with the ever looming fear of failure he also knows that he must keep grinding because his team, “needs this shit now more than ever” and now it is his responsibility to “step it up a level.”

This project is the perfect example of how K.A.A.N uses his quick tongue and astounding lyrical ability to draw his listeners into a world of his own creation; a world of pain, struggle and truth. With his unique style and ability K.A.A.N truly embodies using music as a release of the spirit.

By never giving up, his, as said in his song In The East, “dreams will come to fruition” as he, “speaks it into existence.” And here at Contagion Media, we plan on being there when he finally makes those dreams into reality.


Check him out here.