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The Song That Got Away- "Faster Interactions" by Jaunt


The Song That Got Away- "Faster Interactions" by Jaunt

Riley Tiernan

Okay, we all missed one here. The video for Jaunt’s masterfully chaotic “Faster Interactions” was released on March 23rd of this year, and I feel like a failure for not having heard it then. This song pulls off a sound that typically can only be done by those like Connan Mockasin. It’s weird and exciting and yet perfectly mastered and executed. This song deserves all our praise for being exactly what our generation needs, out of the box thinking that leads to innovative sound and technique. This track made me a huge fan of this band, leading me to other great songs by the fresh Toronto band such as “Intimate Sunset” and “Comfortable”. Jaunt has a great sound to stand out among other artists, and therefor might become an unstoppable force in music. Enjoy the video below, and take in every second of the wonderful work coming from Jaunt.