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B & W Photography with Michael Schuette

Michael Schuette

Very rarely do I take pictures of myself. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world trying to find the best angles on yourself, and then choosing which ones make you look like a romanticized (and unrealistic) version of yourself. These are only my personal feelings about it, however, on the day that I took these photos I was able to look past those uncomfortable feelings.

I was looking at one of my favorite actors, James Dean, in a black and white photograph and wondered why I was so obsessed with it. Was it the vintage look? Was it the cigarette drooping from his mouth?

In these moments I decided to try and create something similar. I wanted to see if I could replicate the same mood that James Dean’s face created with my own. After about an hour of trying to find the right angle and proper framing, I finally captured something that I felt might work. I dropped the photos from my camera onto my iPhone, applied a simple black and white filter, and that was it! I hadn’t felt this accomplished from such a simple set-up in a very long time.

It was such a refreshing reminder that inspiration can come from just about anything. The trick is to not overthink the inspiration, but just go out and do something with it! You truly never know what can come out of an artistically inspired moment.