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Austin Martinez


Lifeless. A term meaning an individual is lacking vigor, vitality, and or excitement. It has been a slow and bleak month. I say this as I have lost some thoughts of inspiration but yearn to find what entices me. For a little while I took a break from posting on social media especially Instagram, as I must find something meaningful to me that would translate into my work, which in turn I would share. During moments of isolation I fill myself with knowledge I never knew before. Finding new artists, reading, listening to my friends, and plainly by going outside. Something I found really inspiring, which is the theme of this message, is from a documentary titled, Issey Miyake Moves, 2002. The quote states “Design is born out of Research” which really made me think I should take more time to perfect my craft, finding to create things that mean something to me, relying on myself as well as my wits.

Patience is a virtue & we are headed the right way.


A New Chapter

Santos Barbosa

By Sandy Pirate

Most of the art that I do is illustration work, and it wasn’t until recent that I decided to expand on that and delved it deep into the graphics realm. I am experimenting with different ways to approach the psychedelic style and give it life in more than one way. It’s a new chapter in the Sandy Pirate narrative, and I look forward to experimenting with new mediums - Stay tuned folks!


B & W Photography with Michael Schuette

Michael Schuette

Very rarely do I take pictures of myself. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world trying to find the best angles on yourself, and then choosing which ones make you look like a romanticized (and unrealistic) version of yourself. These are only my personal feelings about it, however, on the day that I took these photos I was able to look past those uncomfortable feelings.

I was looking at one of my favorite actors, James Dean, in a black and white photograph and wondered why I was so obsessed with it. Was it the vintage look? Was it the cigarette drooping from his mouth?

In these moments I decided to try and create something similar. I wanted to see if I could replicate the same mood that James Dean’s face created with my own. After about an hour of trying to find the right angle and proper framing, I finally captured something that I felt might work. I dropped the photos from my camera onto my iPhone, applied a simple black and white filter, and that was it! I hadn’t felt this accomplished from such a simple set-up in a very long time.

It was such a refreshing reminder that inspiration can come from just about anything. The trick is to not overthink the inspiration, but just go out and do something with it! You truly never know what can come out of an artistically inspired moment.

Alone (From 4/27)

Lana Muhammad


The word leave my mouth in a long, heavy cloud-

each letter dying to get out as if to meet someone, anyone.

As in before and after you come into this world and yet

Somehow still during. Is this life?

Alone, like the kind of alone you were afraid of as a child.

Hide and go seek and no one bothered to find you.

Alone like Macaulay Culkin at home.

Like really motherfucking alone.

Alone, a black girl in a room full of other black people

but she

feels like another species. Embrace me, my silence says.

Our skin born from the same mother hue, we are kin.

But my silence is too loud over your trap music.

Alone, my mother writes me off as ‘odd’

Odd in the way people say when they

Don’t know what your deal is.

Alone, my father talking at me never to me.


Alone. I want to go home, but I can’t even call phoenix home


and Flagstaff is just a place I am passing though.

Every place feels like no place, these days.

Alone. I’m asking Allah why my only connection is my pen.

Alone. Everything feels like I am saying goodbye.

Time will fly


the way it does and what do I have to show for it

except another poem about it leaving me?

Alone. Like a Frank Ocean song.


The earth is a glowing ball of rock on her own

Path, light years away from the sun

Months from another planet.

Even the ones close to her.

Paradoxical, she’s covered in people and still by herself.

Earth, you and I both.

Alone, sometimes I still miss you like all the times.

Alone. What an asshole of a word- but only because it’s the truth.

I will tell it.

This is not merely a confession

It’s a reveal all.

Depression is hosting this session and I

the featured guest.

Alone, like if I tell you I can give it away.

Alone like maybe someday I won’t be.

Alone, like the end of a poem. This poem

L is for...

Lana Muhammad

I have always been in love with the concept of love - what can I say, I’m a Libra. When you close your eyes and think about love, perhaps your mind goes to two people holding hands or you think about Nicholas Sparks movies, or simple math...

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A Day Like Today

Kelly Diffie

I wish I had something deeply philosophical to write here today, or even something creative, but to be perfectly honest I'm just hoping that this post works the way it's supposed to. Jupiter's Shadow is a painting that I made...

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