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Kassandra “KBR” Ramirez

Kassandra “KBR” Ramirez is a multi-talented artist, with professional experience in film, photography, and music. KBR founded Contagion Media while attending Northern Arizona University, and graduated from NAU with a Bachelors of science in Photography as well as a Bachelors in Creative Media & Film. KBR, now 22, is currently working on a wide variety of productions, including an upcoming photo collection, music video, and music album. KBR’s niché includes portrait photography, experimental filmmaking, and indie/electro-pop music.




Photography has been a major element in KBR’s life since adolescence. Her hobby began in middle school when her mother gifted her an old 8MP digital camera. Now, 10 years later, KBR has a Bachelors of Science in Photography and an undoubtable niché in portraiture. Often photographing for a wide array of clients, KBR has professional experience photographing portraits, weddings, fashion, products, engagements, and newborns. All of KBR’s photo work is professional, unique, and high print quality.


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While attending film school at Northern Arizona University, KBR focused on the element of story-telling and composition, with an emphasis in directing and producing. Closer to the end of her college career, KBR discovered her experimental style in filmmaking and hopes to continue developing in the genre. KBR particularly enjoys directing music videos and experimental short films, but has experience with fiction, promo, and documentary work.


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KBR has been been writing and performing music for ten years. At a young age, music started out as a mere hobby during her middle school choir experience, but quickly developed into a thriving passion for the sense of sound. After years of developing her vocal style, KBR is now performing at festivals (such as Flagstaff Pride and Cornucopia) and currently working on her first album, with a single set to release this March. KBR’s music style is often compared to Halsey, Florence & the Machine, and Lorde.